The SKARP Razor cuts hair by the laser light targeting a specific chromophore in the hair. Chromophores are particles that absorb certain wavelengths (colors) of light. This chromophore is equally present in everyone's hair regardless of age, race or gender.

SKARP discovered that when you hit this chromophore with a certain wavelength of light, it cuts the hair. We worked to refine The SKARP Razor so when used, it will leave your skin feeling smoother than any shave you've ever had.

"Shaving has been using the same basic technology for thirty thousand years. To make any real progress, a radical new approach was of the essence."

"To make any real progress, we needed to take a radical new approach."

– Dr. Morgan Gustavsson, CEO Skarp Technologies

Woman shaving with SKARP razor

SKARP set out with a goal to fundamentally improve shaving. In order to do that, we have to elevate the entire shaving experience. Would the technology in The SKARP Razor provide an experience that completely transcends traditional methods? We believe so.