Will King

Will King

CMO/Strategic Advisor

Strategic Expert in shaving and related international markets. Licensor of IP to leading shaving brands. Founder & CEO at King of Shaves Ltd, 10 years to current. Based in London, UK.

Born in Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1965, Will studied an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Portsmouth between 1984-87 and on graduation, went into working in advertising sales & marketing in London for Haymarket Publishing.

Following redundancy in the early 1990's recession, he created the King of Shaves brand and its first product, a shaving oil sold at Harrods.

Buying www.shave.com for £18 in 1995, he found that “shaving's a growth business” and in 2018 King of Shaves celebrated its 25th anniversary, with more than twelve billion lives 'shaved' world-wide. Under his leadership, King of Shaves has been the stand-out innovator in men's grooming products for over two decades, and he's renowned for 'Zagging' when his competitors 'Zig'. King has been involved in a considerable amount of IP innovation in the shaving and hair removal sector, including patents filed for curved blades, actively bending hinges, smart razors and coatings technologies.

In June 2009, the company issued the world's first 'mini-bond' (King of Shaves Shaving Bond) which kicked off an #altfi market now worth over £2Bn. That exposed him to the altfi & fintech sector which he has a particular interest in, and has consulted extensively on, coining the phrase 'Findustrial Revolution'.

In October 2014, Will stood down as CEO, remaining Founder and the largest individual shareholder. He is now immersed in a variety of projects via his 'Entrepreneur-in-Residence Company' www.theeir.co and In October 2015 announced the debut of Savage & King, a creative agency for those who 'Dare to Do' with his wife, globally renowned creative director Tiger Savage, details at www.savageandking.com

Will is married, lives in London and is father of Cameron, his 18 year old son. He loves sailing and his favourite phrases are 'Embrace Change as a Constant' and 'Enthuse, Exceed, Enjoy!'

He was made a Doctor of the University of Portsmouth in July 2015 for his services to Engineering and Entrepreneurship, and also is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Suffolk and the RSA.

Spring 2019 will see the launch of King of Shades Shugs, a new brand of sunglasses & eyewear featuring a unique patent-pending technology, designed & made in the UK, details at www.kingofshades.co

You can follow Will on twitter @iamwilliamking or insta @thekingofshades